Monday and Wednesdays @ 9:30am
Cardio Jam is an energetic dance fitness class with
choreographed routines to hip hop, pop and old school
party jams. It’s a fun, full-body workout that exercises your
mind, body and spirit. Burn calories, gain some confidence
and maybe even a few new dance moves.

Check out Cardio Jam dance  and testimonial videos  below:

3 WAYS TO PAY!     Bothell Resident (R) Non-resident (NR)

 - 6 visit CARDIO JAM pass.
   R $30/NR $36

- 10 visit CARDIO JAM pass.
   R $50/NR $60

- $8 Drop-In Fee for any Cardio Jam classes

Passes can always be purchased from the instructor before class @ the Lytle house with cash or check. For credit card purchases please click the button below to be directed to the City of Bothell website. Keyword will be Cardio Jam. If purchasing online, please bring your receipt.

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